Emara- Emirates' Hero

Emara- Emirates' Hero

Emara - Episode 1

Emara - Episode 1



Emara: Emirates Hero Edit

  • Emara: The Emirates Hero (en inglés) es una wedserie de 5 episodios estadounidense-árabe producida por Eating Stars Studios. El primer episodio fue subido a YouTube el 18 de mayo de 2018.

  • The project began in 2016 with a teaser trailer that was uploaded to YouTube on April 3, 2016

On December 1, 2018, Eating Stars Studios announced Season 2 with a teaser picture of a brand-new character who's said will "join the cast". This character's name is Dhalia. She's a Palestinian mechanic.

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The story follows Emara, the new superhero of the UAE who can turn her arms into a variety of weaponry. As Moza, she and her mother runs a cafe after the sudden passing of her father. It is unknown how she got her powers

Her partner, Dhabian (Sultan which is his true name), has similar powers to Emara fight along with each other. Secretly working with an agency lead by Zaina with her assistant, Ali.
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